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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
4:39 pm
Dotted lines brush imagepack
So this is my first stab at making a bunch of brushes. Right now I only have an imagepack. I'm going to work on sets for both PSP and PS...which I hope to have out after the holiday.

There are 10 brushes at 500x500 and 30 100x100 brushes. Again this is my first time ever doing this. So please be kind. :-)

  • Comments are like crack to me

  • Credit would be so cool and make me so happy

  • If you do credit..please credit to mercedeslove or icon_mirage
  • If you don't credit, please don't claim them as your own

  • DON'T STEAL!!!!!!!!!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends.
    Friday, April 8th, 2005
    4:57 pm
    concrit and advice needed

    Recently made my first proper icon (with layers and blending and everything! :) ). I know it's not up to scratch and I was hoping to get some pointers (I know here, text is a particular problem, but this was as good as it was gonna get with the techniques that I know about), and some concrit.

    So any and all comments welcome. Thanks.

    (xposted with my journal cause I'm a numpty)


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    Monday, March 14th, 2005
    10:16 pm
    Banner Help Needed!
    Guess what! I made my first practice/mock banner. Tell me what you think! I used PSP8. I struggled with the placement of 'Seattlegirl'. Have any suggestions regarding color, texture, font, general layout, etc? Click to see!Collapse )
    Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
    12:16 am
    Offering up a few of mine :)
    Yes well I know I said I was behind the idea of this group yet I haven't posted.  Bad me.  Hahaha, real life bites sometimes ...

    Anyway, here are a few of mine ... (And I'm not sure if the regular rules apply of more than 3 behind a cut ??  If these should be behind a cut just smack me, I'm not entirely awake right now ...)

    Some Lost ...


    And I'm throwing in an Andromeda one for the heck of it.  :)

    These are actually the ones I'm proud of, so I'm putting what I think is my best up to see what I need to improve on.  :)  (However - and please, nobody take this the wrong way, this is just my personal opinion - the icons I've seen with text that's far too small to read [you know the ones - where the text just looks like a small dotted line!] are completely ... odd.  *Shakes head*  Must get more sleep, vocabulary is suffering ... )

    Edited - Darnit I knew I was forgetting something. For these icons I used Adobe Photoshop CS. The Lost caps came from lost-media.com and the Andromeda cap (gold portion) came from the Official Andromeda site, however the purple portion I did myself. Okay, now let's see if I have this thing right! Haha.

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    Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
    11:12 pm
    Okay...I'll start!!
    Okay...I'll bite. :)

    You will notice over the next couple of months, that any icons I do will be baseball related...and most likely Jason Varitek related. :) This is my fandom.

    So...here's the one that I just did. It's only my second icon, and the first with any real text on the pictures...

    I tried to use drop shadow on the words, but it doesn't look like I did it correctly. :(

    So...what do you think?


    Going with a suggestion posted here...more like this?

    I actually do like the border effect...the text seems to pop more with it.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Monday, January 3rd, 2005
    10:56 am
    Welcome to the community
    Please tell all of your icon-making friends about this - I didn't want to spam too many places, and maybe word of mouth is the best to go about this, anyway. :)

    Feel free to start posting, and I'm going to try to take the time to flesh out the user info for a full arsenol of resources. By the same token I do not want to reinvent the wheel -- icon_tutorial is a -great- resource for a lot of questions you might have.

    Again, welcome. And if you have any questions, comments, ideas on how to make this community better, I am definitely open to suggestion. :)
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