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Okay...I'll start!!

Okay...I'll bite. :)

You will notice over the next couple of months, that any icons I do will be baseball related...and most likely Jason Varitek related. :) This is my fandom.'s the one that I just did. It's only my second icon, and the first with any real text on the pictures...

I tried to use drop shadow on the words, but it doesn't look like I did it correctly. :(

So...what do you think?


Going with a suggestion posted here...more like this?

I actually do like the border effect...the text seems to pop more with it.
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Not bad. What program do you use?

For using text for one of the first times you did a good job. It seems to stay in the same place, it's not choppy and it's pretty smooth. The drop shadow gives it a very nice effct.

Did you have anti-alias checked? What font did you use, and what size?
Photoshop/Image Ready. I was at Mona's over New Year's, and she showed me some of the basics.

I used basic Helvetica, the first four frames were 10 point, and the last frame was...18 point.

I didn't see an anti-alias box to check.
i think it would be improved if every frame had a border... but that's kind of a personal preference thing. I would speed up the animation a little, too.
It's really great for a second icon! I don't remember my second icon, but I think I wouldn't want to remember, heh.
Hmmm...didn't even think about a border. Maybe I'll play with it a little more and do that.
I realized that I put the icon in the original post, and not in a comment to you, so that you could see it.

Something more like this?

yeah, i like it better! :)