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Offering up a few of mine :)

Yes well I know I said I was behind the idea of this group yet I haven't posted.  Bad me.  Hahaha, real life bites sometimes ...

Anyway, here are a few of mine ... (And I'm not sure if the regular rules apply of more than 3 behind a cut ??  If these should be behind a cut just smack me, I'm not entirely awake right now ...)

Some Lost ...


And I'm throwing in an Andromeda one for the heck of it.  :)

These are actually the ones I'm proud of, so I'm putting what I think is my best up to see what I need to improve on.  :)  (However - and please, nobody take this the wrong way, this is just my personal opinion - the icons I've seen with text that's far too small to read [you know the ones - where the text just looks like a small dotted line!] are completely ... odd.  *Shakes head*  Must get more sleep, vocabulary is suffering ... )

Edited - Darnit I knew I was forgetting something. For these icons I used Adobe Photoshop CS. The Lost caps came from and the Andromeda cap (gold portion) came from the Official Andromeda site, however the purple portion I did myself. Okay, now let's see if I have this thing right! Haha.
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