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Icon Critiques

Where artists of all skill levels can gather to try to improve their skills

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This is a community where artists and those who apprciate art can gather and give/take advice on how ot make our creative persuits better. Though the name only states icons, I invision that all graphic artists can come here to gain advice on how to better improve their graphic style.

This -is- a critique community, and only those who can handle having their artwork criticized, both positively -and- negatively, should post here. That being said - only constructive criticism is allowed - bashing will not be tolerated. In other words, if I post the following icon:

An acceptable type of critique would be: I like the style, but perhaps you should use a different kind of font rather than a bitmap font. They aren't really "in" right now. Maybe something in a verdana 5 point would be better. Also, the picture is kind of dark, so it's hard to see the subject.

An unacceptable type of critique would be: OMG he is SO FRIGGEN UGLY! How COULD YOU EVEN THINK OF MAKING AN ICON LIKE THAT!

Get the picture? ;)

Anyway -- soon in this user info will be a listing of different resources and other communities to help you on your way. This goes beyond the regular tutorial communities mostly because this is a place where you can post your artwork directly for advice.

Thanks for joining. :)